About Me

Christian Scientist and Technology Worker

My Skills & Expertise

There are two facets to me which make me a uniquely qualified provider for technical and online services to Christian Science churches and organizations:  1) my lifelong dedication and service to the Cause of Christian Science; and 2) my passion for technology and discovering how technology can be best harnessed to support the Cause of Christian Science.


I am a Class Taught Christian Scientist.  I have served in every role as an active member of my branch church.  I am a lifelong and grateful member of The Mother Church.  I also write for the periodicals.


When I’m asked how I keep the prices I charge our churches/groups so low, I can only respond that I owe everything good in my life to Christian Science. This is a daily labor of deep gratitude.


I have worked with computers in just about all areas, designed websites, and managed Facebook pages for many years now and for multiple organizations.  I have seen evidence that websites, social media, and other marketing/advertising can provide clear benefits to the organization they serve, if properly and well done.  I work hard to make that happen.


First Reader for 5 terms

Second Reader for multiple terms

Church Treasurer multiple terms

Sunday School Teacher multiple terms

Class Taught

Board Member multiple terms, including Chair

Church Clerk multiple terms

Reading Room Librarian multiple terms

Lecture Chair multiple terms


Worked at Microsoft as Program Manager for over 13 years

Built, designed, and maintaned over 50 church and business websites

Currently manage 17 Christian Science Church Facebook Pages

Manage the Facebook advertising campaigns for 18 CS churches

Creation of accurate, proper, inspiring, and welcoming content for CS Churches

Connecting CS Churches to their communities since 2008

Worked as Manager, Circulation Fulfillment for The Christian Science Publishing Society, and other positions from April, 1986 to April, 1989.

When I’m not working, I spend time with my husband Shawn, or in my garden with my three cats (Winnie, Morgan and Nee-nee), bats, deer, rabbits, chipmunks, hummingbirds, bluebirds, frogs, and anything else that wanders to my door.

Call me today and let’s discuss how I can help you accomplish your organization’s outreach goals:  678-371-9373